Hello :)
I'm currently on the computer at school researching more about dugongs and uploading more info onto my weebly site. I'm doing quite well so far
Alpha here again :). Well, I have been reserching alot about dugongs so far and is enjoying the whole process. I have learnt so many things bout dugongs. I think am on track :D

YAY! I have already asked my parents' permission to go out to Sydney Aquarium - and they said YES! 
So now i can go to the dugong section and find out more about them :) Its going to be alot of fun 

Hiyaa :)
Weebly is awesome! Its very easy to use and very fun aswell. I have finished my proposal and timeline and on track at the moment. Also, I have started doing alot of research about dugongs. I think I'm going to enjoy this assignment ALOT :D

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    Hello, welcome to my website about the endangered species dugongs. My name is Alpha and I am a school student. I hope you find this information accurate and interesting :)


    November 2010
    October 2010