OMG. its nearing to the due date and I hope i can finish it on time. Im still adding the info onto my website.
WOW. i think i am getting more and more confident with my researching skills. I know that sometimes i have trouble looking for the most accurate information on dugongs but cross-referencing actually does help alot. :) I think Im on track :D
Hello alpha here again. Im doing okay at the moment am im starting to get more and more curious about dugongs while researching them. They have weird appearances which makes them look weird but i think they're awesomee :D. Anyways i got to do more on my website.

Hello, this is my 7th post so far. YAY :D Right now Im on the class computor and adding more info to my website. I'm doing okay so far
I think I am going to Sydney Aquarium the next Sunday cause they're free then. I cant wait :D

Hiyaa :) Alpha here again.
I just wanted to blog that im doing well so far i think. Also i should go to the library :D. Yep thats all Byes :)


    Hello, welcome to my website about the endangered species dugongs. My name is Alpha and I am a school student. I hope you find this information accurate and interesting :)


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